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This is a list of frequently asked question about Cloudstock:


  • What is CloudStock?
    CloudStock is an easy to use Amazon S3 manager and file transfer client for the Android platform. CloudStock supports file transfer of arbitrary size, only limited by Amazon current 5GB cap, it also includes a file browser to manage local files.
  • Can I use CloudStock to send images or videos to my contacts?
    CloudStock can upload any document to S3 and transparently creates a short web URL using services. The URL looks like that is short enough to easily include in a facebook, myspace, email or IM message.

Amazon S3

  • What is Amazon S3?
    S3 stands for Simple Storage Service, it’s a WEB storage service by Amazon allowing anybody to upload/download/manage remote files anywhere from a variety of clients, CloudStock being one such client for the Android platform.
  • How to get an Amazon Web Service (AWS) account?
    An AWS account is required to use any Amazon web service, the good news is that anybody with an Amazon account can create an AWS account really easily by signing up at
  • What are those AWS access key and AWS secret key and where to find them?
    The AWS Access Key and Secret Key serves purpose of ID and Password, whenever you use Amazon S3. CloudStock needs to know them before it can interact with Amazon. Those keys can be retrieved from, under Your Account -> Access identifiers.
  • My keys are typed properly why can’t I access the service, I still get an invalid key message?
    You AWS account must also be signed up for the S3 service at
  • What’s a bucket?
    Every object stored on S3 is placed in a bucket. A bucket is simply a way to group objects together and aggregate them for the purposes of usage tracking

File transfers

  • Is there a limit on transfer size?
    CloudStock is able to upload and download files and archives of arbitrary size however Amazon limits individual entries in a bucket to 5GB. This should be plenty enough, for example it’s possible to backup a 4GB sdcard directly from CloudStock over a WIFI connection.
  • How does the upload folder work?
    S3 doesn’t support a traditional directory structure, bucket are flat list of entries. When uploading folders, CloudStock transparently creates a compressed TAR archive (extension .tar.gz), an open archive format that can be read on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. CloudStock efficiently compress and create the archive without having to store its content locally. The compressed archive is streamed directly over the network connection to S3 with very little memory usage and no disk access at all.
    Downloading archives work the same way, archive are transparently streamed from S3 and extracted without having to temporary store them on local storage.

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